Monday, November 9, 2009

Introduction to Forex Hedge Fund Registration

Thank you for visiting our site devoted to all information on forex fund registration. This site will be devoted to all of the information on forex registration as it happens. We will also focus on many questions devoted to forex hedge fund formation for forex managers.

Forex Managers

We will provide all information necessary for forex managers to navigate the forex regulatory and compliance maze. This information will include how to register as a forex manager with the CFTC, how to take the Series 34 exam, and how to go through the NFA Membership registration process. We also will provide access to forex lawyers who can provide guidance on forex laws and regulations.

Forex Introducing Brokers

Forex introducing brokers are generally those persons or firms who provide advice regarding forex trading firms (also known as forex dealer members or futures commission merchants). These brokers provide guidance to forex managers and other forex introducing brokers and will be able to provide access to industry insiders. Forex introducing brokers are key to making strategic decisions regarding a forex business.

Forex Hedge Fund Formation

Forex managers will need a lawyer to help draft all of the forex hedge fund offering documents. The forex hedge fund process can take 3-6 weeks depending on a number of items including whether the maanger needs to register with the CFTC. Generally the hedge fund lawyer will provide the manager with the following documents:

  1. Prospectus or offering memorandum
  2. LP Agreement
  3. Subscription documents

Additionally, the hedge fund attorney can help with other items like forex side letters. The forex attorney will help you establish your forex accounts as well.

Raising Capital for Forex Hedge Funds

In certain instances we will help forex managers raise capital for their hedge fund. Generally a manager will need to show a strong back office and a tested, proved forex investment strategy. If you are interested, please send us a copy of your returns and your offering documents.

Contact us for a Free Forex Consultation

Please contact us and we will discuss all of the important forex fund registration considerations.

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